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A Little More About Us

Ukulima was registered in 3rd February, 1972 as a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society with the objective of promoting thrift among Ministry of Agriculture employees to save and borrow at low cost in order to meet the employees' socio-economic needs.

Later, a common bond was open thus the society current membership of 27,749 is spread out in all government Ministries, Parastatals, Water boards, NGO's and reputable private organizations countrywide.

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Why choose us?

The Society exist to offer the following services: Afford members an opportunity to accumulate their savings and ...

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Diaspora Members

Ukulima Sacco has rolled out the Diaspora savings and credit services Club designed for you, a Kenyan living, working or studying abroad.

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We Care About You

Members are entitled to receive dividends on their savings when declared.

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Our Services

Below are the services offered by Ukulima Savings and Credit Cooperative LTD.

FOSA Products

This is a loan granted to members whose salaries are remitted through the FOSA account. It is based on net salary as per the pay slip. Top up is available after three months. It is recovered from the salary remitted to FOSA Account.Interest reate is 1.75% per month on reducing balance.

BOSA Products

These services include: Normal Loan, Jitegemee Loan, Emergency Advance, School Fees Loan, Refinancing, Branch Emergency Loan (BELA), Ukulima La Riba Advance, Chipukizi Loan.

Banking Services

These services include: Atm Services, MSacco Services & Bankers Cheques.

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Latest News

Ukulima Sacco will not be left behind in terms of technology any more. You can now become a member with out leaving the comfort of your home.

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