Service Charter


Membership Admission

You shall be required to complete normal membership application form andprovide us with copies of ID card, payslip and 2 (two) most recent coloured pass-port size photographs for opening account and file documentation;

Upon receipt of your dully completed application form and approval of membership, we shall issue you with a membership card within 2 days;

We shall commence shares deductions from your salary the following month;

We shall provide you with a free copy of our Information Booklet / Brochures.

Membership Admission

After six (6) months of continuous share contribution, a member shall qualify for loan consideration and shall be entitled to the following types of loans:

  1. a. Normal Loan repayable within 48 months
  2. b. School fees loan repayable within 12 month
  3. c. College fee loan repayable within 12 months
  4. d. Emergency loan repayable within 12 months
  5. e. Branch Emergency Loans (BELA) repayable within 12 months
  6. f. Refinancing Loan repayable within 24 months

All loans you borrow will attract interest at the rate of 1% per month on a reducing balance except for refinancing and emergency loans which will attract 1.5% per month on reducing balance.

The maximum amount of loan granted to a member shall not exceed three (3) times a member’s shares, but it will also depend on the member’s ability to repay the loan within the given period and the lending policy in force.

Upon receipt of your application for a normal loan, it will be processed within a month and funds transferred to your bank account.

Loan applications shall be considered in the order in which they are received, that is “first come first served basis.

Upon receipt of your application for an emergency loan, it will be processed within three (3) days.

The recovery of loans will be effected immediately but not later than the following month.

Benefits to the members

Savings through shares contribution

Affordable loan facilities with no negotiation fees

Payment of attractive dividends on your deposits

Banking facilities at our front offices, ATM, Mobile Banking

Education to Members

Benevolent Fund to assist in writing off outstanding loans and funeral expenses in case of death of a member, spouse or child.


Members are entitled to receive dividends on their savings when declared.


1. Sacco Savings (SASA) Accounts As a member of the society, you can patronize the products and services offered by SASA.

2. Benevolent Fund Takes care of deceased member’s outstanding loan and partially caters for the funeral expenses of deceased member or spouse.

3. Education To Members

The society regularly conducts educational meetings in all branches to educate members

Contribute to the Benevolent Fund continuously on a monthly basis

To pay accrued interest for any period the loan remains unpaid.

Be of good character

If found acting in any way prejudicial to the interest of the Society, you will be disciplined in accordance with the Society By-laws.

If an erroneous payment has been made to you, it is your responsibility to report and to refund the same to the Society.

You should not engage in any underhand dealings or third party arrangements. Providing Information.

You have an obligation to disclose and produce all relevant information, records and documents required by the Society

The Society will appreciate a feedback from you on the services rendered. Thank you for availing us the opportunity to serve you.