We are pleased to announce and update all our customers/members that we have revised our interest rates and terms on our BOSA and FOSA loan products, as indicated below :-

1. FOSA Daima loan (60 months) 

Reduced the interest rate of 8.7% per annum.

2. FOSA Flex Loan (48 months) 

Reduced interest rate of 8.3% per annum.

3. FOSA Fahari Loan (36 months)

Reduced the interest 7.91% per annum.

4. Top up on Fosa Daima, Flex and Fahari loans to attract a commission on 5% on outstanding balance. (Applicable to new loans granted at 1.2 % interest).

5. Fosa flat rate top up commission 

Reduced from 8% to 5% on outstanding balance to enable members migrate to the new rates. (Applicable to FOSA Flex loans outstanding before 1/12/2016). We are here to accommodate you and your every automotive locksmith need no matter if you drive a motorbike, a hatchback, an SUV, truck, or any other kind of private or commercial vehicle 

6. A member can access all FOSA loan products at the same time subject to repayment ability provided that total loans at FOSA do not exceed

Kshs.2,000,000/-. A maximum limit of Kshs. 1.0 million has been removed. 



TERM (Months)


FOSA Daima






FOSA Fahari



Mahitaji Loan



Bima loan



Shares Investment Loan



Dividend Advance



       Fosa Savings Products





FOSA Savings

·       Savings facility

·       This is a Members’ transaction account

·       No ledger fees

·       Salary Processing

·       Competitive interest rate on savings

·       Reliable Visa branded ATM services

·       Free Internal Standing Orders

·       No limitations on cash withdrawals

·       No monthly charges

·       Opening/minimum balance Kshs. 1000/=

Fixed Deposits Account

·       Minimum deposit Kshs. 50,000/=

·       Minimum period 3 Months

·       Interest rates determined from time to time in line with prevailing market forces

Junior Savings Account

·       Savings Account for Sacco members’ children

·       Interest rates determined from time to time

·       ID/Passport of Parents/Guardian is required

·       Birth certificate/notification of the child

·       Minimum Balance kshs. 500/=


Holiday Savings Account

·       Enables Members to save for their holidays

·       Interest will be determined from time to time

Elimu Savings Account

·       Enables members to save for educational need

·       Free college bankers cheque

·       Interest determined from time to time

Pamoja Savings Account

Group Savings account

Registration Certificate of the Group

Minutes resolving opening of the account

Photocopies of ID of Signatories & two passport size photos

Competitive interest (determined from time to time).


Other Fosa Services

                 i.          Msacco Services

·       Access to FOSA account using mobile Phone

·       Must be registered with MPESA

               ii.          ATM services

·       Can access cash at Bank’s ATM and Point of Sale with an ATM card and Valid Pin

·       Used for shopping in any outlet with a VISA sign

·       Kshs. 33/= per withdrawal with Co-op bank and kshs. 220/= with other banks

             iii.          Salary processing

·       Processing fee of Kshs. 100/=

             iv.          Point of sale(POS)

·       Withdrawal from Co-operative Bank or Co-op Kwa Jirani

·       Maximum Withdrawal Kshs. 300,000 per day

               v.          M-PESA services

·       As per the Safaricom charges


Other lending terms for Bosa & Fosa

             vi.          Loan Top –up

·       A new loan to clear outstanding loan balances

·       Instant Commission of 5% on the amount cleared


           vii.          Deposit Boosting

·       Granted to boost BOSA deposits for loaning purposes

·       100% of members deposits subject to a maximum of 750,000/=

·       Commission of 15% on the amount granted for boosting

·       One off recovery upon loan disbursement

·       Applicable to both BOSA and FOSA loans

         viii.          Hifadhi Advance

·       Allows retirees to access part of their deposits

·       A back office product for Sacco Members who have retired from service upon attaining the retirement age awaiting pension processing from their employers

·       Partial withdrawal up to a maximum of 50% of the net deposit after clearing of outstanding loans

·       Issued once per year